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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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not for 10 years but for e forever. there is no benefit to anybody in the lottery. we're talking about a ban of conversions >> thank you and a good afternoon. i'm peter rights i'm with the small property owners of san francisco. our board has looked at those proposals and we would like to have those proposals killed. from the positive idea of allowing people to wait in the lottery by paying a fee while leaving the lottery intact to continue. the original proposal made an awful lot of sense.
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the more thank you. lifetime leased of ownership requirement and so forth. it's off the radials. it's not living up to the original idea. i had something else that bothers me. if you read par 3 f there's an awful lot said we're allowing if the lottery continues to protect the tenants. there's nothing in here that talks about helping the owners or we'll study of possibility of having ownership in sfro. it's 37 point one percent which is very low. thank you >> thank you actually before i
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call the next speak i'm going to call more speakers >> (speaking another language).
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>> i'm a kline's immigrant my family all wanted to come here and have homeownership. many of my friends and my family included have very little english. we buy homes together and many families bought homes as tic together so we can stay close together. a few years later life has
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improved. a few years later life has improved or changed some families have to move out you thought building some improved some lost their jobs some move in and out. if the government let them split their title and have their own grant deed it will help them from financial problems as well as those who had to give up their homes.
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if this is not involved by government there are conflicts among the brothers and sisters that live in the building and it creates a community problem and as well as the society. one of the family moves out the rest have to take over the burned if they can't they do foreclosure on the building everybody loses. i beg you to help those people
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that are my fellow and my brothers and sisters that you help them to save their home and avoid being foreclosed so they can survive in the city. this bill the way it is does not help the current situation it makes it worse. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm alex i'm strongly against number 6 amendment. it's unfair to the property owners. the number 6 amendment is trying to repeel the conversion in the
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future. we have $200 of numbers of condo conversions but if you pass number 6 amendments in the future we're limited to two hundred of conversions in the future and
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sunset area and about 5 years ago we sold the house and each family were able to bought their own house. and my point here is housing affordability in san francisco is very important. right now as you see it very difficult to for working class for immigrant to buy a house in san francisco. so again fookt. and this bill has a negative impact of looking san francisco housing more affordable.
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so i'm totally against this bill. my position is stop this bill. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisor. one in 5 persons in san francisco is chinese-american. but one in 3 properties is chinese american. chinese-american population has gone up 10 percent in the past decade. what you do in this bill will make our - accruing problems in our families and breaking down units of living. sending seniors away. our neighbors and frenzy will
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not forgot how bad that bill is >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm tommy i'm with the housing rights committee. i want to show virtually exactly why tenant groups objected to the legislation. this the the bay garden and it says eviction epidemic. the districts that are under the four here the four supervisors you're all in districts that have been hit with evictions. usually people with lower income seniors and people are aids who have been e evicted.
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we know those buildings became tics this is the reason that tenant groups opposed the legislation. we believe the compromise is a good one it tries to address that epidemic and at the same time allows tics to convert. we think this has been pain stackly workouted and it's been a year since this legislation has been introduced. we've had enough beat. that's proximately causing the tenants. thank you >> next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm a homeowner and i'm here to
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speak up for first time homeowners. i sat on the development agency we very oversaw dozens and dozens of units. it's time to allow market racing to have that same pride of ownership. tenants are facing several waiting times. two supervisors introduced legislation that provided the revolvers but all the renters were protected in those houses. they see homeownership as a
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threat. they have convoluted many of those who may not convert for years. this is terrible public policy homeowners are the ones who take place. the poison pill will be unleashed and someone will cause this problems. san francisco will be left with low income renters. and i am among the minority thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> if i want to share you a picture will you - >> yeah, you can put it on the
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overhead and sf tv will display it. i'm in the hate ash bureau it's nice to see you all here. this is the second time i've appeared before this committee on the same subject. i'm what they refer to as a 8 times loser. i was greed to win the lottery. i noticed there are something in this legislation that speaks to those particular people. it's in the section that says it's non-codified which cuffs me. i don't know if this means you can change our mind after the legislation passes. it concerns me >> i was shaking my head for
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the benefit of people watching tv. >> i believe that homeownership improves the city. but people strive to become homeowners. i know the price of the san francisco market is very high. i know that many hoermz go to the bay areas where they can afford housing. and i believe that many of the potential homeowners would prefer to live in san francisco
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>> (calling names) >> my name is howard i'm with
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the small property owners of san francisco. i'll bring up some points that haven't been mentioned. if you recall the owner opted building were exempt from the ordinance. in 1994 they pulled the rug out from under the people who bought their buildings in good faith. you're pulling the rug out from under the tic folks. i think you should kill this. especially bad in this is the unyou - thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm with the senior disability action. we work on behalf of and for people that are disabled. we ask you to support in legislation which is a reasonable compromise between the tenants and tic owners. we are seeing more and more evictions. we've heard of folks being intimidated and an as he knows conviction can mean declining
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health and even death. we want to stave that off while putting some controls in the specky element which much of this is being fueled by and i'm speaking on behalf of the many seniors coming in and are scared. eviction is frightening for an elder. it's scary for anybody. and this is a reasonable compromise and please pass this legislation. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> convert the condominium utilize the likes it seems like the theme it's hits the highest
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heights. it would be coming up roses so keep the price low there's no people like the condominium people they smile and you may be even sent out in the snow and i might have a tornado and the winds may below. but there's one thing i want you to know just keep the thought process fee low. just keep the price for condominiums low interest thanks >>
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give them the right to have - home ownerships. i would say with a loud voice if you compare condo ownership it's a good thing. if you're a tenant and you want to achieve him or her down the road this is the only way you're going to achieve that. when you think about the tenants including those who want to become hoermz someday. i would say we can't have the original legislation to go back to status go. it's not better than the statue
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quo. thank you >> good afternoon you i'm a volunteer with ace. and we've been concentrating on foreclosures over the past few years. now we have a new voice for tenants. therefore we support the compromise amendments that this committee and other supervisors have worked so hard to achieve with the tenants organizations. we realize more deeply than ever before that the 4, 6 you are talking about buildings have a grievous - there were people living in those affordable units their considered their apartments their home. in fact, if the people looks at
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the under - tenants pay for the landlords taxes and insurance and the landlord gets tax deductions. him or her must not b be a expense of others. hardly anyone can afford to buy a home in san francisco. we can't have exist in this city without affordability and it still exists in the small building let's get this passed >> let me just ask you the final cards i have
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(calling names) those are all the cards i have. >> i'm here on behalf of small property owners. first of all, this is no compromise. it's supported by tenant advocates and it's not supported by any significant amount of property owners. if the board is going to consider the legislation it shouldn't be considered as the compromise but all - in terms of the alleged goal of this legislation which is to reduce e visions i think that is untrue. this city is going to be converted whether or not it's condo conversion. but the tics are going to happen in this town it's the only
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alternative that's going to happen in san francisco. i think you should vote this down. the original proposal was a decent proposal but the amended ordinance is not going good for the tic owners and not the tenants. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> i just - thank you. just want to say that this bill is a hurt and against family. when we were here we also renter. we work 7 days a week. and we poodle the money together so we purchased the house together and now this bill will
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hurt the family hardworking family like us in the year to come. and that there discourage homeowner. it will increase foreclosure so i ask you to vote no >> thank you very much. next speak speaker. and i neglected to mention it supervisor reed joined us. welcome supervisor reed >> i'm a uc berkeley student. i'm presenting some research on tic conversions. today as we first acquired all the e visions by looking at the
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landlord petitions filed. we then required the reports from the multiple you listings services. we compared them and on this map the do so are all multiple buildings and the dots in orange have the buildings solid in tic. out of all the e visions between 2007 and 2011 all those units were 3 hundred and 56 unions. districts are 8, 3, 5 and 2. the memoranda listings price was 5 hundr $573,000. that's unaffordable to the high middle class in san francisco. from this data we find a strong
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coordination. we conclude that the tics that are commemorated that only the top 33 percent of san franciscans can afford them >> thank you members of the committee. i'm a policy manager at chinatown development center. as sandra's data indicated there's a comparison between tic conversion >> that's the problem we have with the original legislation. that's the elimination basically of the waiting list and the "x" petted process of converting the tics into condominiums. so what we brought to the table
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despite the fact that the tenant community has long on the the work and the bypass of the condo cap we brought to the table a significant thing that the tics would go through the process without the lottery. we wanted to have the suspension of the lottery process and the kreeks of a more sustainable rate for the conversion of condos. and since that time we've made many, many provisions but where we craw the line is on future conversions. we need to propose additional conversions. and in 10